The Happy, Healthy & Hot 7-Day Makeover Plan

The Happy, Healthy & Hot 7-Day Makeover Plan

Last week I felt frustrated, irritable, angry and tired. I examined my diet and lifestyle, and realized that I had been ordering a lot of takeout, working late hours, I stepped away from my regular workout routine, and I was ignoring my friends and family to tend to my workload.

I somehow thought that my health could maintain balance until I crashed from exhaustion and lack of self-care. I quickly put myself on a 7-day detox plan to reshape, re-energize and refocus myself.

Maybe you have tried a detox before. I have fell victim to many, and this is the first one that has ever worked for me. Because this 7-day makeover goes beyond eating healthy food and drinking green juice, (although I did both.) My detox went deeper to address a makeover for my body, mind and soul.

After just 7-days, my skin is clearer, I sleep like a rock star at night, my relationships are more sincere, I am more productive at work and I have lost 5 lbs., not to mention I smile more and the people around me seem happier as well.

If you need a health jump-start consider my Play With the World 7-day makeover plan. To make it easy to digest, I have broken it into physical, emotional and spiritual steps.


Ditch Sugar

Sugar literally sucks the life out of us. The more we eat, the more we crave. I kicked all sugar to the curb, and would your believe I have more energy, I feel cleaner and I am less irritable. Instead of sugar filled coffee drinks and sweet snacks I switched to green tea and fruit. Yum.

Stop Grazing

I had no idea how much I was overeating until I looked at all my receipts from junk food and in between meal snacks. When I would get a frustrating phone call at work, I would turn to the fridge and pop something in my mouth. My emotional eating was hurting my health and waistline. This grazing can add up. I implemented a no graze rule. Which means I don’t put anything in my mouth from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner and between dinner and breakfast.


If you are serious about feeling better, juice.  It is an essential step to feeling more energetic radiant and happy.


There is a reason schools implement recess into the students curriculum. Play is an essential part of a well-balanced day. Take time to do what you love. Think about when you were a child, what did you love to do? Take time and do it. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we can’t play. It is essential for our balance. I use to love to dance when I was younger. Dancing was my playtime. This past week I danced every day for at least 20 minutes. My spirit sored and when I returned to work I was more productive. Just remember playtime equals a fulfilled you.



Follow Your Heart

We all have things that we want to do in life. Bucket lists to conquer, people to meet, places to go. But many of us get zeroed in on priorities and we forget to follow our heart. When you listen to that inner voice inside of you it will never lead you astray. My heart told me to practice yoga more, and walk my dog longer. My heart said take bubble baths daily, and read my favorite book again.

The past 7 days have been profound because I have followed my heart.  What does your heart want you to do?

Feel Your Feelings

This was the most important aspect of my 7-day detox. I realized that I was working over, eating over and stressing over my feelings. I would not allow myself to feel anything because I was so worried and consumed about the outcome. Once I addressed these emotions they instantly lightened up. Feel your feelings by asking yourself, what am I feeling and why do I feel this?  Sit with it, and then release it.

Be Vulnerable

Sometimes when we become stressed we isolate ourselves. I know for me this is habit, and last week, I actually reached out for help. I talked through my stress with a friend as I cried on her shoulder. It sure beat trying to go it alone.

By opening myself up to being more vulnerable, I felt better, increased my connection to my true self and added more honesty into my relationship with my best friend.



Take time to quite the mind. This improved my mood tremendously. When I stopped in the moment to close my eyes and appreciate all of the good in my life, I instantly felt more fulfilled. If meditation freaks you out, do what works for you. I am not a sit and “ohm” type of girl, but I love going to a yoga flow class. This is my type of meditation, I stay in shavasana a little bit longer to be one with myself and others.

Connect in the Community

I was experiencing emotional frustration and realized I needed to connect with others to share my experience. I reached out to a support group and instantly felt more connected. When we reach out to other people and connect in the community we can gain a sense of unity as we connect with a power greater than ours. I also registered my dog to be a therapy dog so we can go into hospitals and senior citizen homes to connect in the community. By helping others you always help yourself.

This 7-day plan has worked wonders in my life. I would love to hear what works for you.



3 Responses to The Happy, Healthy & Hot 7-Day Makeover Plan

  1. Laura Kaiser says:

    Thanks for the balance reminders! I appreciate your wisdom and messages that you share from your heart. Bottom line …. you got it! So far this week my “Play with the world” schedule includes kayaking, gardening, movies, art projects, more detoxing and working out as my personal balance, and as a result my business is stronger than it’s been in 3 years. Breath in ~ breath out!

  2. Pam Clark says:

    Can I find out when your book will be out as would like to add it to a fundraiser basket our church is doing in December. Thanks Pam Clark Saw you on AMNW

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