Powerful Ways to Upgrade Your Life

Powerful Ways to Upgrade Your Life

Over the past few years, I have seen a dramatic change in my life in the sense that I am more positive, happy, and at peace with myself and others. My relationships are more fulfilling, I’ve discovered self-love, and I am connected to my life purpose, plus my dreams are coming true faster, and I know it is a direct result of the hard work I’ve put in.

You’ve probably hard the saying “Happiness is a choice.” Well, let’s sucker-punch that, because I know firsthand that being happy isn’t always something we choose. Although it can be a mindset, and focusing on the positive can help, we often have blocks that keep us from feeling fulfilled. After all, it can be hard to find your happy when things aren’t going well.

Sometimes we see other people who are happy, and we think it is an act. We can’t understand why or how they enjoy life so much, yet something about their joy intrigues us.

I’ve discovered that the folks who are genuinely happy have a powerful gratitude practice. They are thankful for life and all that comes with it: the setbacks, the problems, even their insecurities. They have trained themselves to appreciate the good and not so good, for there is an inner knowing that everything in life is happening for us, rather than to us.

If you struggle with feeling happy or you just want to feel better, you will enjoy today’s empowering message filmed in Southern Thailand, one of my favorite spots on earth.

Side note: While I was on this beach (shown in today’s video) I sat for three hours straight, practicing the tips I share in today’s message. I was in such gratitude and awe for all of life, I just sat there basking in the beauty of feeling good and appreciating it all. Needless to say. today’s tips work when you work them.

I hope you enjoy this powerful way to upgrade your life.

Watch here.

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