Impressive Techniques You Can Totally Do to Improve Your Confidence

Impressive Techniques You Can Totally Do to Improve Your Confidence

What’s missing in your life?

Is it a fulfilling relationship, more abundance, more clarity? Maybe you want something that has not yet manifested, so you feel deflated and burnt out.

Chances are, there is an area of your life that isn’t going as well as you want. One main reason we don’t move forward on our goals is because we lack confidence.

Feeling secure and confident is one of our driving needs, but when we reach for something new—a new career, a new relationship, a new dream—we are stepping into the unknown. This new territory will make our ego, the fear voice in our head, rear up, but in today’s video I share three empowering ways to improve your confidence instantly.

When we lack confidence it’s hard to move forward and we feel unworthy. Which means we are selling ourselves short.

Today’s message comes to you from Budapest, Hungary, with a gorgeous backdrop you’re sure to be inspired to feel more confidence.

Watch here:

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1. Focus on how you WANT to feel.

A lot of the time, we don’t feel confident, and hyper focus on this. But we always get what we focus on, so when you focus on how you want to feel—confident, secure, proud—hold these feelings and focus on them. If you aren’t taking action, the confidence can’t come. Write which action you will take to become more confident.

2. Let go of the need for outside validation.

Most of the time we want others to approve of our ideas, goals, and situation because we don’t yet feel confident. Have you ever noticed when you have confidence you don’t need or crave other people’s approval or opinion? It’s because you know in your heart that you are worthy and you CAN do it. In order to feel more confident, you want to go inward and seek the approval within your own heart. When you believe in yourself you will have everything you truly need. Confidence comes from within.

The more confident you are, the more empowered you will be and the less you need others’ approval.

3. Visualize what you want to attract.

When it comes to confidence you may feel like you aren’t getting what you want, so you feel stuck. But when you can visualize the outcome you want, you will have more success. Whatever you want is possible when you believe and focus your intentions on the outcome you desire.

These tips can help you live the life you know you are meant to live.

After you watch today’s video I’d love to hear from you. Leave the action step you will take to gain more confidence in the comments.




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  1. Laura says:

    Love the new brand, it’s so inviting, intriguing and inspiring! Thanks for the motivation to keep dreaming bigger!

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