(Free Workshop) How to Cope with Extreme Negativity and Terrifying Outcomes

(Free Workshop) How to Cope with Extreme Negativity and Terrifying Outcomes

During this volatile emotional and political time, it’s easy to fall into fear and become hopeless. I’ve received countless messages from people wondering how to move forward in the face of fear. Now more than ever we are being tested, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It is essential we realign with our truth.

Over the past few weeks, I personally have felt hopeless at times and even started to question everything (life, my role, my beliefs, my relationships). When this happens we have a choice: we can let the fear overcome us and win or we can roll up our sleeves and dig deeper into our own belief system to find balance and sanctuary within.

To answer the beautiful outpouring of concerned emails and help you align with your truth (which is love, BTW), I have created a free video workshop to help you reclaim your own power and step away from extreme negativity and the fear in the world.

I hope this video serves you. Please share with loved, as we could all use more love right now.

Although it can be easy to fall into stress and fear, kindness and compassion will save the day. Watch this free video to help you turn your fear into clarity and love.

Watch Here.

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3 Responses to (Free Workshop) How to Cope with Extreme Negativity and Terrifying Outcomes

  1. Graca says:

    always an inspiration Shanon

  2. Karen Bell says:

    Aw Shannon, you are such a bright light with so much passion for life and love. You are such an inspiration to me. I live in Canada so naturally the internet and TV stations are saturated with what’s going on in the US on a daily basis, not to mention conversations with friends and family end up back to this craziness we are experiencing each and every day. Thank you for this little workshop. I love to look after myself by doing self help courses and actually practicing them. I recently joined a popular weight loss program and started faithfully exercising and I’ve noticed such a shift in me. I wish what I felt in myself could be felt through out my family and friends, but I know that I cannot control what or how they feel. I hope that what they see in me will uplift them so that maybe someday they can change also. Thank you Shannon, you are a sweetheart. PS. I just want to comment on how lovely you look. Am I allowed to ask you, but have you been studying the Dressing Your Truth course by Carol Tuttle as what you are wearing is so light and uplifting and brings out your sweetness? Thanks again, from one of your biggest fans!

  3. Petal says:

    Thank You! You’re so pretty 🙂

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