Feeling Exhausted from Self-improvement? When Is Enough Enough?

Feeling Exhausted from Self-improvement? When Is Enough Enough?

Is self-improvement wearing you down? Sometimes it feels like it’s coming from all corners of the Internet—do this, don’t do this. If we aren’t careful, we can easily feel like we aren’t good enough or doing enough to be happy.

If you are overwhelmed with self-improvement and wonder when is enough enough, you aren’t alone. I go through this phase, too, and it makes sense—striving to improve ourselves is awesome. But it has a time and place in our life.

You might wonder, “Can’t I take a break from all this personal development? Isn’t it OK to live my life without constantly trying to improve myself?” The real question is, is there a downside to all the inspiration?

If you’ve ever wanted a little break from self-improvement, I think you’ll totally dig today’s video. (And yes, I feel this way, too, and I get the irony as a self-help author.)  As someone who’s passionate about learning and life-long personal growth, I dedicate myself to helping others, but I know there is a time and place for it.

Today I share some common misconceptions about my industry and breakthrough steps you can take to trust yourself and your own personal development path. You may even be surprised at my answer about whether it’s a good idea to take a break from self-improvement.

Plus, today’s video is filmed in South Korea, at a meditation retreat. You will love the serene backdrop.

Enjoy! Watch here.

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  1. Sristee Karki says:

    This is so beautiful.Thanks so much. I am in the position in my life where I dont know what do with my life anymore. In fact, I know somewhere but I just don;t know where to start and that is when I get stuck with, like you said, “figuring out” part. Anyway this was really amazing. Loved it. I just signed up like half n hr ago and I feel good already. Thanks.

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