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“Shannon Kaiser is an incredible woman on a mission to help people find peace, happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Her desire to serve others shines through all of her work.”

—Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling Author May Cause Miracles  



“Shannon is one of our most prolific and popular writers who inspires readers around the world with her message of happiness.”

—Jason Wachob, Founder



“Shannon’s perspective is sunny and bright and will light your day with heart and bliss!”

—Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling Author Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women and Moms



“Shannon Kaiser not only believes in the message of happiness, she lives it and breathes it. Every time I talk to Shannon, happiness finds a way in!”

— Christine Arylo, self-love author of Madly in Love with ME



“Shannon will help your release negative thought patterns and live a life you are in love with.”

—Christine Hassler, Author of Expectations Hangovers, Life Coach & Speaker




“I feel that everyone should read Adventures for Your Soul. It’s just an amazing book.” — Marissa Kathryn, YouTube Star



“Shannon offers easy-to-absorb advice to help you become your happiest, most loved, highest potential self – and best of all, she makes it a fun process. My kind of gal.”
—Karen Salmansohn, best-selling author of How to Be Happy, Dammit



“Leave it to Shannon Kaiser to help you reach your full potential. If your soul is craving some adventure and is in desperate need of a breakthrough, you need to read her books asap. Next stop? Your innermost desires…” —Emma Mildon, Author of The Soul Searchers Handbook: A Modern Girl’s Guide to the New Age World



“I admire Shannon because she’s battled her own demons—overcoming depression, drug addiction, and an eating disorder—and has emerged with an enthusiasm for life, a belief in herself, and a passion for helping others identify and pursue what they truly want.”
—Lori Deschene, Best-selling author founder of Tiny Buddha



“I love your work and what you do.”

—Rhonda Britten, Emmy award winner, founder of the Fearless Living Institute 



“Shannon shines a fresh light and adds much needed beauty to us all. Her positivity is infectious”

—Amy Ahlers, Bestselling Author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves



“Shannon is a modern thought leader on the rise.”

—Kevin Ruess Marshall, Founder Cafe Truth

stephanie“Shannon is a business advisor, life guide, and inspirational guru all wrapped up into one incredible coach!  I ended each session with a sense of calm, purpose, and determination to successfully tackle old and new goals.  Our work together always included specific action items and deliverables that I could measure my progress against.  Aside from the personal and professional growth and development I received working with Shannon, I also gained emotional support to successfully thrive doing my passion work. Plus, she has so many wonderful goodies and resources to offer! I learned so much from Shannon!” — Stephanie Dreyer,  and founder of


“While I was still completing her business mentorship, I had articles published on Project Happiness,, a featured article on Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha. Her tips and guidance have helped me to become a better, clearer, and more inclusive writer. I now feel confident choosing topics and writing articles that will truly resonate with my ideal audience. Since applying her tips, I have also seen a big increase in readership on my own site. In addition to helping me with how to write and pitch web articles. Shannon has helped keep me grounded and focused as I grow my coaching business and advance my writing. I feel like I have hit the jackpot being able to have her as a Mentor and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Kate Snowise, Life & Executive Coach and founder of

soulnomad“Shannon is a refreshing beacon of pure joy, fun, and sage wisdom.
She helped me dive deeper into my mission and who I’m meant to serve. Prior to working with Shannon I felt distracted in my work, bogged down with projects, and didn’t have a clear system in place to take on new clients. All the love was there but it just needed a clear space for it to expand. Shannon helped me build that foundation, get clear and pull it all together into a cohesive message, and now I’m in the process of launching my first e-course! I’m incredibly blessed that I got the opportunity to work with Shannon. I’m excited about my future and know with every fiber of my being that Shannon is going to continue to shape a next generation of people who have found their happy!” Amanda Christina Millennials Coach and founder of


shannon“My experience with Shannon Kaiser was one I will never forget. I learned so many valuable lessons from her that have moved me, challenged me and made me grow into the strong, accomplished person I feel I am today. She’s a wonderful person who will enlighten your life and inspire you to fulfill your dreams/career goals to the upmost extent.”

—Shannon Rocket, Portland OR, USA


“Meeting and working with her is a true blessing and as I said before I wish I could put Shannon in my pocket and take her amazing spirit, advice and views on life everywhere! Once you go Shannon Kaiser, you truly don’t go back!

 —Yasmine Hussein, Puerto Rico


Julia“You truly helped me discover a life I didn’t think existed or was possible. I’m happy, I practice gratitude and forgiveness every day and I’ve fallen in love with myself. There are so many self help books out there and I’ve read quite a few but I have to say that yours is truly the best one! It’s THE book for young (and older) lost people with no direction. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

—Julia Humphey, Sweden 


tammy“Working with Shannon was a great value. I was looking for someone to help me gain momentum and clarity to move forward in my business and life. Not only did she give me what I was looking for but she helped me realize a sense of peace as well. With her strong intuition and authenticity she led me to new perspectives that let me awaken. Shannon enthusiastically recognizes our unique, individual potentials as a human being and empowers us to be all we can be.”

—Tamara Fana, Chicago, IL, USA


“I want to be this author who up and left her career and started her own happy mission.”

—Jennifer Anello, New York, NY, USA


jordan“I took a lot away from your book Find Your Happy, I’ve been wanting to go to Bali for a volunteer trip for over a year and I finally just paid the down payment for my dream trip. I can thank you a great deal for making it possible for me to visualize my goals and dreams and find ways to make it a reality. You are an awesome teacher and writer, thanks for making this world a better place.”

—Jordan Aftanas, Portland OR, USA




“Shannon is like an injection of happiness. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a role mode on how someone can live a miraculous life. My path has become a lot clearer and I have more focus. Shannon makes herself easily accessible to anyone no matter where they live in the world.”

—Emily Marshall, Christchurch, New Zealand 



“Without you, I don’t think I would have found the courage to start living a life I can be proud of everyday.

—Jess Mathieu, Alabama, USA  




“Your book Find Your Happy makes me feel like I’m not alone, not crazy, and loved on so many levels. I’ve cried with happy and sad tears in feel events to find your happy. It’s my bible to a happy life and future.

—Miranda Jaynes, Oregon, USA



“Through her candid sharing of personal experiences and depth of understanding, Shannon is able to bring forth universal wisdom and truths in a fresh, lively voice.” —Organic Spa



“If you are in search for lasting happiness, then let this truly remarkable woman guide you. She reminds us all that life is supposed to be exciting, fun and fulfilling” —IDEAL Magazine 



“A true thought leader and sparkling star, Shannon taps into ancient wisdom and combats fear to live an extraordinary life inspiring others to do the same.” —Healing Lifestyles & Spas


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